Urban Terror – The Game

Urban Terror – The game!

I can quote from the official URT site http://www.urbanterror.info  that Urban Terror is a free online multiplayer first person Hollywood tactical shooter, but that wouldn’t really give you a feel for the game, so let me expand on that and introduce you to the experience.

Before I do that, let me tell you what it isn’t.  It isn’t like any other first person shooter I’ve played.  While some of the online multiplayer games like Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, Call of Duty Modern warfare 3, and Left For Dead, just to mention a few, have the most amazing graphics, they don’t come close to the gameplay you will experience in Urban Terror.

Gameplay meaning the way you interact with your player.  The players ability to quickly get into action and move around the maps.

Player models can jump,

climb up ladders,



and drainpipes.

They can also jump to, and grab ledges, and pull themselves up.

They can sprint, and jump into a powerslide, strafing at the same time.

Urban Terror has a large selection of weapons to choose from, and you don’t have to pay for them.  You have access to whatever you are able to carry.  This means you can only choose so many at a time.  For instance, you may prefer to wear a helmet, carry a primary weapon, a sidearm, a medpack and some HE nades.  Now, that would be about the limit of what you can select, at a time.  Let’s say you decided to choose a secondary weapon.  Then you would have to give up the medpack, for example.  Or if you choose a silencer, you may have to hand in your nades.   But the nice thing is you can pick up weapons and objects that other players drop when they die.  But watch out, they may be out of ammo, and sometimes…they go Boom!

These are just a few of the things that make this game work so well.  The way you can interact and become a part of the experience so quickly.  You’re in the action from the moment you connect, and after you die, you get to take a quick guzz of whatever your pleasure is while you respawn in a matter of seconds.  Don’t get caught with a handful of chips when you respawn though, cuz you’ll be right back in the action when you do.

Here is an in depth look at the weapons in Urban Terror Urban Terror Weapons

Urban Terror – The Experience

I’m creeping along the rooftops. The sounds of sporadic gunfire permeate the air. Someone has a bead on me. Rounds are whizzing passed my ear. I pop my head up for a half second. A flash of light and a movement. I see him across the street firing from a window.

I continue on my way as though I didn’t see him. Then I go into a crouch and go back the way I came. I take cover behind a chimney stack, pop up, zoom the scope on my G36, and open fire on the window. He still thinks I’m moving in the other direction. Too bad for him. My Heads Up Display tells me I scored the kill with two hits. His body flops back out of sight.

Cries come over the radio, “The base is being overrun!”

I turn back and dash across the roofs, pulling the pin from my grenade. I’m counting the seconds before making the toss, praying my timing is right and the nade doesn’t explode in my hand. I throw it at the two enemy troops advancing on our flag.


“Twofer!” I yell over TeamsSpeak. “Got em both.”

“Area secured,” I send over the com. “I’m going for the flag!”

I jumped down to the street and sprint down the road, jumping, gaining momentum. I hit my crouch button and go into a power-slide, strafing to the right. I get another kill, but a round pings off my helmet, knocking my health down to almost nothing.

One of the enemy throws smoke in front of his own flag area.

“I need a Medic!” I cry out over the com, taking cover behind a fence.

One of my guys jumps to help me out. He hits his medic bind. I stay focused on the smoke, covering us. I hear the tell tale sign of bandaging. My health meter starts to climb. Then I’m hit again from out of the smoke. He must be wearing infrared goggles. I return fire where I saw the muzzle flash and score a lucky hit. My medic finishes the job and we quickly move into the adjacent yard.

I check my HUD and see that my team is all moving in. We have them pinned. We’re going for the flag.