Public TeamSpeak 3 Channel

No password needed. Please add your URT in-game nickname.

For those of you not familiar with TeamSpeak 3.

TeamSpeak is a gaming communications software allowing you live voice communication with other players in the game. Get in the action with live communications. Hear your opponent go down, and warn your teammates of incoming fire. All you need is a microphone. Headsets are the preferred method of choice.

You can download the free client here

Create a new Bookmark and add to the Address field. Enter your in-game handle to the Nickname field.

We at 30+ have some rules that we ask you to follow when gaming on our servers or speaking on our TeamSpeak channel. We’ve added the channel for you to improve your gaming experience by having a place to gather with your friends while playing urban terror. We do have some basic rules we wish you to follow. These are the same rules you must follow while playing URT on our server.

  • No swearing, in any language
  • No trash talking
  • No racist or sexist remarks
  • No cheating
  • No offensive nicknames

Please report anyone who is breaking the rules to urt30plus[at]

Breaking the rules means you are subject to getting banned. Just have fun!

Please use Push-To-Talk to activate your mic

Go to Settings/Options and click on Capture. Select Push-To-Talk and click on the button to select your hotkey. Simply Push-To-Talk with the key of your choice. This is so that you do not have your microphone open at all times, otherwise everyone else will be hearing the feedback from your speakers, and everything else that is going on in your house. Once you get used to using the hotkey, it becomes second nature.

Thanks for gaming with 30+

Good Luck & Have Fun