Welcome to Clan 30+ Urban Terror!

The 30+ clan exists for the purpose of entertainment and friendship. Regardless of the Team or game being played, we strive to present a mature attitude towards our playing, and are playing for the pure enjoyment of playing (as opposed to the mindset that we must win). However, along the way, if we should earn a league title, we will be happy to let everyone know that the “Old folks have kicked some butts!”

The 30+ clan is much larger than what you see here. We are a part of a larger organization of teams playing different games. All members are bound to follow the 30+ Charter, a set of guidelines to adhere to while being a member of 30+.

Read the Charter Parent 30+ Website

Join Us!

We’re usually online Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday nights, 8pm CDT.

Game Server

Capture the Flag
“|30+|URT 4.3 Windy City”
Port 27961


TeamSpeak 3
No password needed